Constant Regulation

Life is our stories. A reflection on how we choose, execute, and the regulation of our decisions. I appreciated the time we took in the beginning to be able to reflect on childhood stories. I believe our childhood is very influential on how we see, interpret, and handle social situations. For example, a story has stuck with me is about a bat named Stella Luna. In the story Stella gets separated from her mother bat, but she gets take in by a family of birds. Stella could only stay if she acted like a bird. She had to sleep at night instead of the day and eat insects. Stella struggled with the rules and was not fully able to function as a bird. When Stella found her mother she joined her old bat family. She tried to teach her bird family how to act like bats. Stella Luna had a realization that birds are best as birds and bats are best as bats. She learned to appreciate their differences and stayed friends with her bird family. The bigger idea that Stella Luna realized she did not have to segregate herself from others based off of differences is an idea that most people cannot achieve to this day. I held this story with myself because I believe it is essential for human beings to make progress once we can admire each other’s differences rather than judge them.

Another important idea I have come to realize is that we live in a society that is constantly monitoring us. Our nation stands to control and rule our lives even if force is necessary. However, force is not necessary to controlling us since technology became such an essential part of our lives. This thought made me reflect on my own use of technology. How many times do I access the web, my phone, or my laptop? Can I go a day without my phone or technology in general? Even in classes we access technology for different resources and information. The reading about how the internet started as a military use honestly freaked me out. I realized then that Big Brother was real and has been monitoring us ever since we started using technology for personal use. Despite this realization I knew that the government had me. I grew up using technology for school, communication, and daily distractions from the real world. Even with the official knowledge that they must track us with technology; I knew I would still continue to use it. I have become reliant on technology.

Overall, I feel like this was a strong start to processing our views of the world. It helped me reflect on my own possible biases and opinions of others. It made me think about my consumption of technology and its influence over me. I find that even though we are essentially being monitored 24/7 with our own consent we must still continue to fight to be better. Our community has a lot of growing that needs to be accomplished and I believe that starts with people needing to reflect on their own stories.