I love the idea that Medium is rallying volunteers to translate Medium stories into other languages. I grew up in China and live in California now. Me and my friends have translated trending tech blog posts to share with the Chinese audience. It’s hard without platform support. What Medium started will make it a lot easier!

I also think Medium cracked the nut of “rewarding” the translators by giving the audience a way to follow the translator directly. Instead of relying on pure altruism, they help the translators build a following. Smart move!

But here’s the thing - for the Chinese language translators, you HAVE TO integrate with WeChat because –

· Twitter and Facebook are both banned in China.

· Wechat is the fastest growing social app in China. It’s a mush of facebook and messenger, created by Tencent, the company who dominated the IM market in China with QQ.

Without a WeChat integration, the whole rewarding system is lost on the Chinese translator.

I truly wish the translation program succeed. I signed up!

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