BlockChains are DC The Tangle is AC

My friend J and I often kid about how Blockchains TXs are one dimensional or direct and sequential or “DC” and the Tangle’s TXs are Alternating between validation and user or two dimensional or “AC”. No wonder the Tangle is low voltage or low fee ;) wile high in current.

Because Data is nothing but electricity, well at least when is traveling then one can observe how The CAP Theorem is to BlockChains what, Joule’s Law is to DC. The Line Loss problem was the Scalability problem then! Is no coincidence Current is square to Power, and the Blocks in the Chain, are directly proportional and exponentially hindering scalability. The Tangle achieved AC motion by using the MCMC as a Transformer and once it gets retrofit with the Nash Equilibrium it will be one that even Tesla would be proud of. Also I’m predicting that this implementation will bring the Tangle to 60 Hz or very very close to it.

So because Mr @ercwl asked me, I respond to how the Tangle can fend off a constant speed attack High Voltage or a Huge ASICs rigs attack. He said he did the math. I’m not sure which math he did because in order to be able to transact at the speed of light in a 1 for 1 distributed, granular fashion you need to solve the economics 1st. It can’t cost you so much more to send than to receive! A pulse needs equilibrium or in this case an algorithm at the speed of light. So you costly [High Voltage or fee] Attack Vs a dynamic Low Voltage colony of ants running ternary logic which individually barely push 1000 logic gates yet combine is more powerful or Integral then your attack. So, who needs a Coordinator? I’m pretty sure you are aware of the IoT space widening exponentially, and that it is going to transact. It’s our duty to allow this to happen SAFELY and only a low voltage network is able to service some of these low Voltage zones. I hope you can start to get a Geometrical image of it.

To all the crypto communities are we going to move forward? or do we have to electrocute a few Elephants 1st? For your sake, for our sake, for Security sake before all, let’s look at the Physics, Math, sound Game Theory, and very soon even all Cryptography is going to have to be reconsider anyways, isn’t it so? So how about a Crypto Foundation in which organic intelligence oversees the challenges and condition of the new topography in which we find our selves today and all work together for the betterment of our society