Loose Ends

I have a very bad habit where I start things and never seem to finish them. I have tried to write a countless amount of stories, blog posts, poems and somehow lost sight and motivation halfway along the way. I guess when it comes to life I have an unfathomable amount of loose ends too. From friends that drifted away to lost feelings to unsaid thank you’s, I have somehow become the epitome of unresolved feelings. Doesn’t everyone though? In the moment, it is easy to swallow words that you manage to convince yourself will only do harm or have no valid contribution. However, you soon feel the toxic burn around your heart from the accumulation of all the unsaid words. One day, you will turn around and see the bits of chaos and incomplete dreams you leave behind. What could have been. What would have been. Things that didn’t happen just because you somehow convinced yourself that it wasn’t worth it. I guess realizing that is the first step. 
I guess that’s why I started this blog. Maybe it’s because writing usually helps me think and that’s what I need to do to find closure. Maybe it’ll help me feel better.