Different Grades of Vinyl Upholstery Fabric

Vinyl is one of the most popularly used upholstery materials in Australia. Its water, mildew and weather resistant properties make it a highly durable option for use in seatings of marine vessels, automobiles and furniture. Read the article to find out about different vinyl grades.

Most of us are aware of the fact that vinyl is a sturdy material resembling leather in appearance and can be used as an upholstery material for automobiles and marine vessels due to its hard wearing and water resistant properties. Because vinyl comes in a wide range of colours, it can also serve as a decorative material for sofas, seat cushions and chairs. The material does not require extensive maintenance and can resist stains to a great extent.

Let’s have a look at some vinyl grades used commercially for different applications in Northern Beaches:

Marine :

Marine grade vinyls are generally used for marine upholstery in Northern Beaches in the form of overhangs and seat cushions. They are virtually weatherproof, because they can last long even when subjected to extreme moisture and temperature conditions. Besides that, they are also capable of resisting insect infestations. Keeping them safe from mildew is also easy, as all one needs to do is clean with a solution of soap water and bleach. However, one must exercise the same techniques for maintaining marine grade vinyls as they would to care for a boat.

Automotive :

Although automotive grade vinyls are not as sturdy as their marine counterparts, they are durable and hard-wearing like leather. They are usually available in a wide range of colours. Being comfortable and attractive, they are ideal for use in seatings of automobiles. However, they cannot withstand varied weather elements.

Transparent :

They are generally utilised for constructing thin items like rain gears, umbrellas and plastic tablecloths. Designers make use of transparent vinyls as well. Besides that, the materials are also employed to make protective coverings such as automobile covers and tarps.

PVC Coated :

PVC coated vinyls are one of the strongest grades, and can be cleaned easily with the help of soap and water. They also have a high resistance to mould and mildew and are used for indoor as well as outdoor applications. They are ideal for use in the upholstery of commercial indoor furniture, such as lounge seats, massage tables, and conference room seatings.

Decorative :

These types are used extensively by designers and manufacturers to make imitation leather products for residential and commercial decor. They can withstand high levels of moisture, which makes them an ideal upholstery fabric for outdoor furniture too. They generally come with design work and patterns, a feature which makes them beneficial for use in applications requiring decorative elements.

Most of the above mentioned vinyl types can be bought from any upholstery company in Northern Beaches. But one must be careful about making their purchases only from a reputed firm in order to get good quality materials.