Popular Mattresses And Their Offerings

Wondering what the popular choices mattresses are in the market right now? This article offers a useful and detailed insight.

How can you be sure enough in choosing the best mattress for your home? This is really a tough question, probably because there is a vast variety of choices available. Individuals often tend to purchase the same mattress which they had before, only because in fear of making a costly consideration that might turn out to be a failure, or simply because they are unaware of other options. Moreover, researching products can take some time and often appears like playing a lottery where the end can be unimaginatively positive or negative.

In this guide, you will be making yourself familiar with the different types of mattress available in the market of Sydney.

Memory Foam

  • Background: Memory foam mattress was first introduced in the early 1990’s under the brand name of Tempur-Pedic. NASA scientists invented it as a cushioning material to absorb the effects of G forces during take-off.
  • Construction: Memory foam is the upper layer of the mattress which is normally 2–8 inches thick. It is further supported by a base made of foam, which is typically denser and does not have the properties of memory.
  • Pros: It is one of the highest rated mattresses. It brings great relief to people who are suffering from back problems. Memory foam has an advantage of longevity and resists motion transfer.

Latex Mattress

Background: Latex foam is manufactured from hevea brasiliensis trees. It has been around since early 1900’s, when it was made viable by Dunlop. Initially, latex used to be very expensive but today’s manufacturing process has lowered the price considerably.

Construction: Latex mattress contains latex foam. They can be differentiated via two factors: the latex type and the manufacturing process. Dunlop process is the original method of manufacturing latex foam. It brings durability and firmness to the product.

Pros: It is a completely natural product and also the second highest rated among people. The beds manufactured from this product are highly durable, with an approximate lifespan of 15 years or more. It supports natural contouring without heat retention and chemical odours.

Innerspring, Coil, Pillowtops

Background: These are the traditional innerspring mattresses which most people are familiar with. Coil mattresses came into existence in the 19th century.

Construction: Spring mattress is made up of mattress springs, boxspring base, and padding layers. In each type, metal coils are the main support system. Quality of this form is represented by the number of coils.

Pros: Though these are the most affordable mattresses, they often deliver low quality when compared to the above two types. Innersprings make the movement on bed quite easy.

Memory foam and latex mattress are common to this day with a number of benefits, cost effectiveness and user friendliness being the most vital ones.