The Foam Used Inside Couch Cushions

Want to know what constitutes the interiors of your soft and comfortable couch cushions? Have any idea about which foam to use for refurbishing them? Read on to find out.

When the foam within the cushions of your apparently comfortable couch are not upto the right standard, the squishy backrests might begin to bid goodbye to their ability to rebound in a short length of time and gradually disintegrate. In the end, your couch would be left with sagging cushions that can make the furniture piece look very tired and old, thereby turning it into something really uncomfortable to sit on. And the only solution to this kind of a problem is foam replacement, but before you go about investing in some, it is important that you have some idea about the upholstery foam used in couch cushions.

In order to have a sound idea of the stuff, let’s get started with the basics. Generally, upholstery foam is measured using two standards, one is compression and the other, density. Compression defines the force needed for compressing a single cubic foot of foam by 25%. On the other hand, density is the volume of material contained within that one cubic foot, which means that the denser is a product, the more will be its weight in cubic feet. When combined together, these two figures describe the hardness to softness of a foam.

Most cushions usually have polyurethane foam in them that comes from petroleum industry. The product is available in various grades indicating their durability & different firmness stages, as well as in a varied price range. They can be purchased from specialty distributors and also upholstery businesses in Sydney.

Foams are normally rated by their expected usage in years. As such, a 5-year rated product is not supposed to show signs of wear from regular use until five years have passed. Some are even rated to be of high resilience — high quality products having a density of around 3 pounds for every cubic foot. On the other hand, latex foam manufactured from rubber can be as dense as 3 to 15 pounds every cubic foot. Another commonly used product is memory foam, which is manufactured using polyurethane.

Cushions that consist of a foam core refurbished with poly or down fill can offer the rebounding properties of the former as well as the aesthetic appearance of the latter.

So that’s pretty much everything you need to know about foams used inside couch cushions. However, in order to get the best product, make sure you locate a good upholstery foam distributor in your locality.