Two years ago, I was sailing in Greece. It was a dream.

Today, I am bootstrapping as a Retail Tech Founder. This is the Dream.

I discovered I couldn’t work in an industry that had lost it’s magic.

I left Fashion.

I joined Tech.

-to learn how to use it to protect the best part of shopping.

I’ve sold my clothes, I lost some friends.

I made new ones, and peanut butter is starting to grow on me.

During this time, I learned something beautiful.

Success and happiness parallel how much value we create for others.

Luxlock has not been built for me, it’s been designed to spoil you.

It’s not how many items we own but the craftsmanship we keep alive.

Shopping has been stripped to receiving a mystery box from a stranger when we used to invite our personal shopper to Sunday dinner.

This is not the original email that you were going to receive, but today I received an email form a woman who I only met twice.

I dressed an 18 year old for her first job interview in April of 2007, and saw her the last time when she stopped back in Mario’s to give me hug and share the good news.

Ten years later…

I think of that first interview you dressed me for every now and again as it helped me get the job with 7FAM and really started my passion for eCommerce and retail! So thankful for your help 😊

This is why I am not on a cruise.

I believe you deserve to be treated the best, when you shop with the best.

That retail is a relationship and sometimes it can feel like therapy.

People and Passion, paired with Product, is a luxury shopping experience.

Our lives change when we engage.

It breaks my heart that most people have never experienced shopping the way it was meant to be.

Beautiful, curious, interactive, and incredibly personal.

So, I built a team

and we have been building Luxlock.

Software that helps brands design personal shopping experiences online, in-store, and in between your text messages.

We are launching in September and will be rolling-out new experiences over the next several months. We would like to invite you to join us as a shopper or a brand. Please reach out if you would like to learn more.

There are two sides of retail and I know I am not only one holding on to a dream.


Casey Golden

Founder, CEO


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