Thanks to the revolutionary innovation that is the blockchain technology, Luxochain has been helping to fight the counterfeiting plague in the luxury industry starting with Italian luxury products which are statistically one of the most counterfeited luxury goods in the market.

In the words of Davide Baldi, the CEO and co-founder of the Swiss company; Luxochain aims to become;

“the most important industrial reality in the anti-counterfeiting of luxury goods starting from products Made in Italy.”

How does the technology work?

The Luxochain technology works by allocating a unique digital passport called a Block ID to luxury products right at…

Happy new year to all of you!

2019 begins with the same spirit and the same desire to bring innovation into the world of luxury. In the world of Luxochain!

Despite the disruptive potential of the blockchain technology which has been demonstrated in various sectors over the past decade, it wasn’t until the launch of Luxochain in 2018 that the blockchain technology was first introduced to the luxury industry. …

The blockchain protocol in eliminating instances of fake luxury goods on the markets

There are increased level discussions on the activities of the luxury markets, and how the Luxochain ingenious blockchain solution would be the panacea for rejuvenating this important aspect of everyday society and the economy. In fact, there have been a number of investigative surveys, that have been conducted in a bid to estimate the relevance of the Luxochain protocol, as well as the possibility it holds, as pertains to a long-term solution.

All of the indicators are currently pointing to the bright side, and the next thing…

Luxury goods are typically associated with exclusivity, status and quality. Luxury demonstrates economic power and prestige, however with every new counterfeit luxury product in the market, counterfeiters are chipping away at that prestige and satisfaction that comes with ownership of original luxury brands. The global counterfeit market isn’t just thriving, with high profits raked in from a large consumer base, the counterfeiting business seems to be a largely lucrative and untamable industry. However, although booming market of counterfeits is difficult to suppress, it is definitely not an impossible feat to accomplish.

From Forbes

Blockchain Meets Luxury. Luxochain SA, a Swiss company based in Lugano that operates in the anti-counterfeiting of luxury goods market, has, over the last two years, developed a blockchain certification service that will allow luxury brands and individual users to verify the authenticity of goods before making a purchase.

Today this pioneer in the sector has announced the issue of its security token that is reserved for institutional investors. Commencing on October 30th, Luxochain will release 100 million LUXO tokens (LUXO) for investment at a price of €0.05 per LUXO.

The LUXO token represents access to an exciting…

Here some highlights of the interview made to our Founder

Natale Consonni

Here some highlights of the interview made to our CFO & Founder

Roberto Gorini

Here some highlights of the interview made to our CEO & Founder

Davide Baldi

Since the future of e-commerce is determined by mobile users, customers insistently seek stability, security, and guarantee when shopping for luxury products; and whether they are buying online or in a store, assurance validates the authentication of the brand. To assure customers that a brand is genuine, they use artificial intelligence, machine learning, voice command, augmented reality, and Luxochain to shop for luxury brands.

At the core of changing the consumer perception about luxury brands and delivering top-notch shopping experiences with incredible sophistication, craftsmanship, originality and quality goods and services is Luxochain.

What is Luxochain?

When the author of Crypto…

La tecnologia blockchain è un libro mastro pubblico nel quale sono pubblicate in ordine cronologico tutte le transazioni; è un meccanismo che assicura trasparenza e sicurezza, in quanto rende molto difficile effettuare alterazioni, e nel caso vengono facilmente scoperte.
Inoltre, la natura della blockchain è decentralizzata.

Altre qualità riguardano la facilità di scambio e il trasferimento di attivitàdirettamente tra le parti contraenti, con verifiche e convalide istantanee della transazione.
Luxochain offre tutte le caratteristiche della blockchain applicate agli articoli di lusso; trasferimenti diretti da parte a parte, controlli e sicurezza, affidabilità e autenticità sono i punti di forza.

Si tratta di un progetto partito all’interno del mercato italiano; è in corso lo sviluppo di un sistema concentrato su un passaporto digitale che segue ogni transazione dal suo inizio alla sua realizzazione, comprese verifiche e convalide per ogni fase.

Grazie all’integrazione con il sistema RFID, incluso nei…


When technology meets luxury

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