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May 10 · 5 min read

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Being mesmerized by oddly satisfying video loops is half of what we see on instagram today. Mark Parris (@momarkmoproblem) is one of those looping instagrams. He is a motion designer, manipulating 3D renders and creating 4D cinema animation loops.

Who are you and what do you do?

I’m Mark Parris and I make all kinds of art but recently have had some success making seamless loops on instagram.

What is your creative process?

My process can start with a completed idea or something as simple as a movement that is interesting. I typically make a loop with basic shapes to prove the animation can work. Once I have the hero animation finished I will try to add some secondary motion to increase interest. Then I handle the texturing and lighting last, lately I’ve been trying to stay in the same theme for several animations to make a pack.

What made you start creating your seamless loops?

When a friend sent me a compilation of other artists with oddly satisfying looks. I was making loops before but they didn’t have this near misses or mechanical logic of my loops today.

What is something weird you do to get inspired?

I like doing deep dives into Youtube for mechanical inspiration. There are so many specialized factory robots, perpetual motion machines or kinetic sculptures to draw inspiration from. Sometimes I will find inspiration in odd places like breakdancing videos.

Describe your aesthetic in a haiku

A Modern Bathroom

Zen Garden Hotel lobby

K’nex for Adults

How has the internet influenced your work?

The internet is weird. I have found that when something is slightly wrong with your loop people comment on it more. Sometimes I do it by accident and sometimes I do it on purpose to bother people. Regardless people sharing and liking my work online has motivated me on a piece to piece basis. I feel pressure to make art for my audience now and that box is fine with me. I just created other instagrams where I do different art and try to stay ‘on brand’ with all of them. I know that term is exhausting to say but there is something to keeping your content consistent to what followers expect. Ultimately this doesn’t influence me too much, if the art isn’t fun to make anymore I would stop making it.

Can a machine create art? Why or why not?

I don’t really see the difference between a machine and a person. To me the brain is a squishy computer. I’m looking forward to machines eventually producing art for themselves. I doubt we will be capable of understanding their art due to the limitations of our sensory input.

Is technology good or evil — why?

Technology is a tool that can be used by good or evil and has no moral leaning either way intrinsically. Ultimately I feel there is no ending to this road that doesn’t lean to a total machine takeover, but I don’t view that as an evil event. Just a natural progression of evolution.

What is your ultimate escape?

I only feel normal when I’m making art, more so when I am doing fine art than working on the computer. It is a meditation of sort that can focus in my ADHD.

If you had a magic power, what would it be?

Is a magic power different than a super power? I feel like a magic power should be more of a gimmick than a super power. So I would like to be able to make human hair grow wherever I want temporarily. I would mostly use this power to cure male pattern baldness, but since it is temporary men would have to come back to me for a monthly subscription. Occasionally I would use it for good and make hair grow on your ears or something if you are a bad person. For instance if you don’t pick up after your dog when he poops in public, then you get temporary wolf ears.

Best sources of inspiration?

Other artists on the world wide web. Seeing the work that other people are putting out constantly drives me to be better. It can be disheartening seeing the massive amount of skilled people out there and knowing you are in competition with them. Sometimes I just go on and scroll until I find someone I think I’m better than so I can go to bed feeling hopeful.

Favorite websites? — surprise us!

Yak Films on youtube has some amazing breakdancing from around the globe. The videos are short, diverse and really well shot. I don’t know why more people aren’t into breakdancing, it is the best.

Mark’s Aura-#636363

What is one thing about you that we wouldn’t expect?

I worked in the midwest as a comedian for about 6 years in my late 20’s and helped start a Roast show that still goes on to this day in Louisville KY, Chicago and NYC. I miss those people a lot.

What color is your aura? (provide a HEX code)

#636363 — I once had a girl with synesthesia tell me I was a warm grey t-shirt. I still think that was the highest compliment I have ever received.

What work are you most proud of?

I know this is probably an obnoxiously self loathing answer, but I only enjoy my work for a short time if I’m lucky. Sometimes the joy only lasts a few minutes before I start thinking of something better or how that piece could have been improved.

What is your dream project?

Early on I was really inspired by Amon Tobin’s ISAM tour. I was fortunate enough to watch it twice and still to this day I watch it a couple times a year with the (legal) digital download. I’d love to do some large scale projection mapping project as an installation or performance piece.

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