Different Types of Nail Tools to make beautiful Nail Arts

It is very worse thing for trying a wrong tool to create a beautiful look. You know each brush helps to amplify a different look in the nail art.

Let’s check how to use each tool for the nail arts

Angled French Brush

This type of brushes is used for creating one-stroke looks like French manicure as well as color blocking of simple. You can make crisp edges and remodel the corners of a design with the help of the angled brush. Like it then just go the local art supply store and pick up a small 1/4 inches brush.

Striper Brush

Like crisp? Then obviously use a striping brush that is must for creating crisp. Always look for the brush having long head and too short that will cause wavy lines

Detail Brushes

If you are going to create designs with intricate then surely require detail brushes. there are lot of variety it has like Point Gel Brush #4, #8 and so on. This kind of brushes makes all your requirement of nail art.

Fan Brush makes feather look

When you are going to paint your nails then at first apply a base color and leave to dry for some time. After some time take the fan brush and sweep it on your nails deeply to make a feathered effect.

Use Sponges

If you are going to make a texture effect, then just use different types of sponges to make stone type effect or you may also create fade effect.

Lovely Dotting Tool

Whenever you are going to make symmetrical circles such as eyes and flowers you can use dual end dotted tool for the nail art


Hey are you going to make multidimensional nail art? Then you will have to use this Tweezers.

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