For a world where there’s no Peter Parker for Mary Jane

Life is full of strange encounters, in both a good way and a not-so-good way. Somehow it came to my mind that we are all linked to one another through invisible strings. Imagine we are all in some way connected to each other without us even knowing. And once the connection is activated, we are pulled towards each other. We meet, we talk, we like or dislike each other, we part and cross paths or not see each other ever again. It’s like we are all puppets, and there’s someone up there — our Master, who plays with the strings and decides to activate or de-activate our connections. 
Well that’s old news. But that may explain why sometimes you can’t get rid of someone in your life, because you are connected, in an unwilling way. You are tied to that person, just like that person is tied to you — like brothers and sisters in a family, for instance.

Okay that’s boring. Here’s the story:

Helvetica* is a not so young girl in a not so old town. And one day, she met a not too young man in a not so far place. The moment she saw him, she had a feeling. He ain’t the prettiest boy in town, nor the richest or smartest. But he had everything she needed at that moment. He made her want to fall in love again. Not with him. She knew she was not falling for him, but somehow he brought colors to her eyes, exciting beats to her heart and hope to her days. He did all that, effortlessly and unintentionally, in a mere- 45- minute meeting. What is next is everybody’s guess, but that encounter changed her — like he restored her desire to live better and to experience love again.

“I tried to say goodbye and I choked, I tried to walk away and I stumbled — though I try to hide it, it’s clear, my world crumbles when you are not near…”

Okay, that’s double boring. Here’s the real story:

Everybody is the same, and different. And we are lonely. Even with all the fancy tools that claim to help us connect and stay connected with all the people in your life, you only end up getting more and more lonely. We nourish loneliness, just like we nourish everything else in our life. Sometimes we forget how lonely we are. But everyone else is trying to give you a totally different message. That we are not supposed to be on our own, we are not supposed to be lonely. There’s someone out there who is going to end your loneliness, or to save you from whatever you do not want to deal with, just like when Mary Jane is in danger, and Spider Man instantly appears to save her — that’s what they say. But the truth aint that pretty. We are born to be lonely. That’s universal, truer than the sky is blue. There is no Peter Parker for Mary Jane. In real life.

That’s triple boring. Here’s the true story:

Have you ever met a loser? I know someone who knows someone who used to know someone who knows a loser. Her career is a joke, she’s dumped by her boyfriend on the week before New Year’s Day. They were Skyping — and he casually told her “I am getting married, one month after New Year’s Day”. And as she typed her congrats, tears fell down her cheeks. Hot tears fell from her right eye, then her left eye, and she had to pretend she had flu to avoid unwanted curiosity from her roomie. At that moment, she could not tell if she was angry, upset, miserable or disappointed. It wasn’t broken-hearted nor sad nor betrayed, these feelings only came afterwards. Right exactly at that moment, she felt empty. It was like there was nothing beneath her. No chairs, no floors. And inside she felt like a bag of air. Then waves of feelings started flooding into her — shock, anger, sorrow, and pain manifesting in tears. 
Time doesn’t heal like everybody says. In fact nothing is like what everybody says. But she gradually learnt to block painful memories. And she let new memories override old ones. Though she’s not over the break-up, she isn’t in it anymore. Now she has nothing or to be more exact, she chose to have nothing. Tomorrow to her is a big unknown. What everyone refers to as fate is only what gives us choices. We are the ones who make the choices happen. So please stop saying you can’t do anything as it’s fate when you choose not to. We are making what we call fate happen.

Have you ever met a loser? I have just told you a story about one — who is the guy who broke up with the girl. He lost MJ.

When the sun comes up, reality sets in. And sometimes the only right thing to do is to dream.

To sum up all of the crap above, Helvetica is just a font; whereas Peter Parker and Mary Jane are purely fictional. It’s already past midnight. And we all need to sleep! #insomnia

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