Will you cry for me?

Have you ever entered a Western restaurant, finding yourself a good comfortable seat and then suddenly found out they only served Asian foods? Yes, that’s how I felt when I watched ‘My blueberry nights’ by Wong Kar Wai. I must admit I watched this movie mainly for Norah Jones (and Jude Law haha, he is hot).

The story is simple, and is simply told. If you watch lots of Asian movies/dramas before, you’ll find some familiar patterns. I can’t exactly pinpoint what they are, as I’m forever clumsy with words and expressing myself the way I want. It’s quite sentimental, and requires the attention of your heart to grasp what’s behind the seemingly trivial details. The movie almost became draggy — almost, thanks to its rather short length, just 90 minutes of Elizabeth’s journey to run away from love to eventually run into love again. The more you’re running away from something, the closer you are to that very thing, I guess.

Liz has a broken heart. And what truly devastated her isn’t her boyfriend’s betrayal, but rather her feeling of worthlessness. Are you heartbreaking-ly sad because someone you care about very much leaves you for someone else, or because when that person does, he/she doesn’t feel anything? No pain, just relief.

So what’s wrong with me? Am I unworthy of love, am I not worth a few tears, have I been nothing to him the whole time?

Then Liz ran into the cafe owner. He makes all kinds of desserts in addition to coffee and other drinks. Apple tarts, cheesecakes, and blueberry pies. At the end of the day, most of the cakes are sold out, but the blueberry pies remain untouched.

“So what’s wrong with the blueberry pie?

- There’s nothing wrong with it. Just people make other choices”

Liz went to the cafe every day. The guy who owns the cafe — Jeremy reserved the seat for Liz and waited for her to come every night. A seat at the corner of the cafe, with a blueberry pie.

And then Liz ran away. From the cafe, from her blueberry nights. The moment I started seeing the growing chemistry between Liz and Jeremy, I sort of had a feeling that Liz would run away. It is also something I would always do. Whenever things get tough, I run away.

If there comes a day when you love me, please cry for me when you leave. Please allow me to be selfish, and please bear with my selfishness, just that very time.

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