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Quiet children dream of wide-berth ships
Taking them to the end of the world
Where time flies away
Quiet children dream their way out.

Their future life will only contain sunlight and new horizons.
Quiet children lower their heads, ready to face storms, dragons, volcanoes.
They won’t be afraid: they face these disasters and monsters every day.
This is why they are so quiet.
They know what destruction feels like.

Quiet children are protecting themselves,
Yet, they dream of adventure,
Living real life, at the helm,
As the ship sways on the ocean.

One day, quiet children will find their ship ready to sail.

They’ll embark and never look back as behind them,
The city burns and their former bullies too.
They’ll have started the fire and fanned the flames.
At the helm, they’ll be blessed by droplets of sea spray
And they will feel peaceful at last
With the peace they hoped for every day of imposed silence,
When the fire raged within them.

Quiet children dream of wide-berth ships
Wait until the time is right
Leave their past behind on the pier
Will never obey anyone again
And reach out for life.

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I write for people who’d rather understand before they judge. Check my booklet of prompts for journaling:,

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