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Photo by Amy Shamblen on Unsplash

An indulgence,

They said.

Self-care is a modern folly,

They said.

It still feels daring to go and take the time for self-care

Name feelings like exotic flowers

Found in one’s backyard

To take the time to rest

Because that phrase used to mean

You’re allowed to die

After a life well-lived

Spent taking care of everyone else.

But don’t you get it?

If I don’t do it, I’ll die.

If I don’t untie the knots

Of generation upon generation

I won’t be able to go on.

Maybe I have too much time to think.

Or maybe

I can invent a better future for me and my loved ones.

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Photo by Zoltan Tasi on Unsplash

Quiet children dream of wide-berth ships
Taking them to the end of the world
Where time flies away
Quiet children dream their way out.

Their future life will only contain sunlight and new horizons.
Quiet children lower their heads, ready to face storms, dragons, volcanoes.
They won’t be afraid: they face these disasters and monsters every day.
This is why they are so quiet.
They know what destruction feels like.

Quiet children are protecting themselves,
Yet, they dream of adventure,
Living real life, at the helm,
As the ship sways on the ocean.

One day, quiet children will find their ship ready to sail. …

3 reasons why you should date a zombie

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Photo by Amy Shamblen on Unsplash. Love at first “Braaaiins!”

Yes, girl, the answer to your dating woes is available. Like in a rom com, he was here all along and you just didn’t see him that way. He’ll blow your mind. He’s a cutie. He’s a zombie.

1. Zombies are great fitness buddies

The moment a zombie enters your world, your heart will beat faster.

Because you’ll be running for your life, yes. But think about it: you thought you needed more exercise anyway. Want to try HIIT? Ask a zombie.

You’ll practise running, but also kicking—thereby strengthening your hamstrings and hip flexors—and you’ll develop arm strength as you climb barriers. What starts off as a sprint can even develop seamlessly into a full body workout! …


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