Rainy Day Games: Three Fun Games You can Play with Your Dog that will also improve their obedience

Here’s my quick guide to three games you can play with your dog when it’s bucketing outside that will also improve your dog’s obedience! Yeah? Can games do that? You betcha!

Mabel is bored and would like to do something fun! Miserable weather is no excuse to do nothing in Mabel’s books!

One of my favourite things to do with my dogs is play games at home inside the house. We live on the west coast of NZ that gets more than it’s fair share of annual rainfall, at least over the last twelve months. So we play games. I love games, because not only does it give us something to do, it also gives my dogs mental puzzles to solve that makes them less likely to become destructive or get up to mischief, especially when it’s raining for weeks on end.

Find A Treat or Your Favourite Toy Game: The benefit of this game is that I can work on my dog’s stay. I show them the toy or treat, ask them to stay on their bed and then go and hide the item around the house. The dog has to stay until I say “FIND IT” or we start again putting the dog in a stay and hide the item again. Of course, start by hiding the item in the same room, and slowly make it more difficult. This serves a double purpose, you can keep a better eye on your dog’s stay and make sure they get that right, and you slowly make the game more difficult for your dog!

Look-at-me-to-get-the-treat Game: In this game, your dog has to ignore the treats in your hand and look at you to get the treat! Can your dog do this? Start with a treat in your closed fist, wait for your dog to look at you then they can get the treat. Start easy and over time, you can make this game as difficult as you want, you can open your hand (of course, keep it closed while your dog is harassing your hand — don’t let them steal the treat!). You can even have a treat in each hand! Have fun with this one!

Hide-and-Seek Game: Yup, games around dogs noses are way fun and don’t require a lot of teaching because dogs have such amazing olfactory senses (um… that is their sense of smell!). So the third game I love to play during rainy days is a game of hide-and-seek. What’s the benefit of this game? Well you can either play this by yourself, and then work on your dog’s stay or play it with someone else, who holds the dog, and in both cases you are actually working on teaching your dog to come when called! How cool is that?

I hope you enjoyed this quick guide on three games you can play with your dog when it’s bucketing outside that will improve your dog’s obedience!

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