Conversations with Peanut Butter

by Andy Heck Boyd

[The t.v is on, a movie is on]
[A few people are walking around the house. Walking rather aimless.]
[Three persons and one web page bot are communicating.]
[Two women, middle aged, one man, middle aged, and the specific bot for a specific website]
Here it is.
(I feel like that is an unacceptable tone of voice to reply back to her.)
[A small computer that only cost $15]
[This is how the Peanut Butter communicates.]
Okay, I see, but I don’t know what you want me to do with it.
Hang on, now, this here, just talk into the microphone.
And the uh, thing will talk back?
Yeah. Well, it will translate it to text. And write it on a webpage.
Oh okay.
(Doesn’t seem very interested.)
It’s a blue blue world, Mr Peanut Butter, uh is that okay?
You called the peanut butter, Mr.
Yeah, is that okay?
Yeah its fine. Now lets watch the peanut butter talk back.
(They look at the small screen, showing flowing lines of text.)
Amazing, wow, pretty good!
Yeah, you’re talking with peanut butter. Well, a jar of peanut butter.
What’s next for this, uh , um this what is this, a project.?
Yeah, (laughs) It’s, oh. I’m going to add a male sounding computer voice-over to talk the lines through the speakers. 
Crazy. that’s pretty good.
(Woman walks away)
Oh, also, I’m planning on making a bunch of actors from various jars of food, all saying their lines. (trails off) … but I need more money…