A Weekend Without Golf

I’ve played golf practically every weekend for a few years now. Not this weekend though. The change was not because I was busy with other stuff. It’s a choice I’ve made to give me a break and to give my elbows a break as well. Left arm has golfer’s elbow, and right has tennis elbow. I was told I could play lefty to escape the elbow problems — not doing it. I’ve been putting and chipping a bit but will start to skip that too. For now the break is till end of the year — but I will not be surprised if it extends through to the end of 2022.

New things I did this weekend -

  1. A few conversations with people I did not know — a new thing for me

Things I liked this weekend | things that made me happy —

  1. Collin Morikawa’s win Euro Finale + Race to Dubai win. This is esp. because it came at cost of Rory

I also think about output — what I got out of the weekend and it’s usually not in fun, it’s also not in experience. It’s usually about content creation, book readership. This weekend’s output is not much. Fingers crossed for the future!




San Francisco | Diary of a Nobody

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San Francisco | Diary of a Nobody

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