3 Daily Habits That Lead To Success & Happiness

As you barrel through life and your career, there are defining moments at every turn. Some are incredibly visible and some are not. The little moments often occur daily without notice and without conscious recognition of them. Yet they have great impact.

Most of these events occur within our own heads. How we think influences greatly how we act, and ultimately, how we perform at our jobs or in our business.

The power of positive thought and daily self affirmation is something shared by even the most recognized business superstars. They think not in terms of how much their problems weigh on them, but instead look for new ways to solve the problems which they encounter. They’re problem solvers and know there are opportunities born out of every challenge they face.

The power of positive thought and daily self affirmation is something shared by even the most recognized business superstars.

More than most, these successful leaders and business icons practice three key activities daily that you can learn from and emulate. They may seem simple but require great discipline to master and make a part of your everyday routine.

Be Positive. That seems easy but a negative talk-track in your head easily spirals out of control if you don’t feed yourself positive affirmations. Too often we don’t talk to ourselves and feed our need for positive internal dialogue. Those who are successful make this habit. They fuel their self-confidence by feeding themselves positive thoughts and actions each day. You too must take time and the discipline to do this. You’ll notice a difference and that will keep you on track.

Be Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable. Human beings seek comfort and security. We like to know where we’re going and that we’ll all be ok. With career and your job, this can be a dangerous thing. How often are people unhappy and unfulfilled yet give that up for a “steady” paycheck? Successful entrepreneurs and leaders know the discomfort drives them to action and helps them see new opportunities. Don’t let perceived security hold you back.

Move on Quickly From Failure. Ask any successful business person if they fail and they will tell you the numerous times they have. Most entrepreneurs fail multiple times before they hit on an idea and business that works. In our daily lives as professionals, we fail too. In little ways and in bigger ways too. The key is to quickly move on and not dwell. Learn from the failure and use it to fuel you to better things. Use your new skill of daily positive affirmations to remind you what you do well and how that will help you overcome temporary setbacks.

If your stuck in a rut of negative thought or not sure how you can do better, make it a habit to practice these three daily rituals daily. Not only will your mindset improve, but how you project yourself to family, friends, clients or business associates will benefit too.

Being positive and making the habit of problem solving rather than dwelling on the negative doesn’t happen overnight. With a desire to turn things around, and the discipline to practice these three tips, you will notice a difference. You’ll be happier, healthier and more successful.

Scott Gulbransen is a veteran of the public relations, corporate communications, and digital marketing world. Having managed public relations, social media and digital marketing at brands like Intuit, Applebee’s and H&R Block, and in college athletics at his alma mater UNLV, he currently serves as the Global Head of Digital Content at Haymon Boxing, creators of the Premier Boxing Champions series. Gulbransen resides in his adopted hometown of Las Vegas. #BattleBorn

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