So I just did my first workout. I have not received my package yet so I went on demand and clicked on Autumn’s Bod- Kill Cupcake. Now let me preface this by saying, I like to consider myself in decent shape. I may have fallen off the gym wagon as of late, but it hasn’t been that long and I have made a few appearances at pilates and even a 5k recently. I typically take a gym class (pilates or the ever harder Body Pump) for 60 minute classes. This one was 26 minutes. I totally got this right? And yet again, how delusional my self image has become as of late about my fitness. Hahaha, I was dying, she was killing me, and all desire I ever have to eat a “cupcake” again. 25 minutes later, my legs are still wobbly and I am a bit dizzy. But as weird as that sounds, it is the best feeling in the world. Now I know that I have become complacent, I have truly become stuck. I know 100% now that I am in desperate need of some changes, and while I was unsure of this Beachbody thing, I am now convinced it was the right call. I am sure there will be many more posts about wobbly legs and sweat galore, but I am so sure that as of now I will see many more days (and posts) about that then my ever-lasting struggle of over-indulging in habits that do not make me grow. I am so excited to start this journey on Monday. I am even more blessed that my mother and my sister trust my instincts and are putting their time, money, and faith, in my instincts and advice. If I fail them, I more than fail myself. This is my time to go farther than I have ever gone before, and I intend to enjoy every last shaky muscle.

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