by Matt Scheurich

Providing public access to clear product data and encouraging shared information practices could help grow online retail and encourage better experiences for manufacturers, retailers and consumers alike. (TL;DR!)

The Internet operates on the principle of open networks and data that can be accessed from a variety of devices and touch points: personal computers, mobile, TVs, watchescan use the web to talk and share information with each other.

We use words like “sharing” and…

During the long weekend of 24–26 January 2015, Viren Ratan (@humanPincushion) and myself competed in the 2015 Static Showdown Hackathon to build a static web app called #mixism.

It was a weekend of minimal sleep and maximum work, plus a bunch of beer, music and fun times. Our app idea was born from an earlier idea that we had worked on a few times before, so we were able to approach the competition with a mostly resolved product…


UI/UX design, front-end & WordPress dev, digital strategy. Writing by @mattscheurich

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