Are you willing to risk it all?

It’s crazy. I don’t have another word I can think of. We are all passionate about a certain thing. We all have goals. We all dream about living the good life, health, money, cars, family. All that good stuff. & so everyday we try our best to reach our goals. But have you realize that not everyone makes it? Why is that? Do you think they tried their best? Do you think they were willing to risk it all? Or were they being cautious and scared of losing? Personally, I think it’s the second one. For those of you who read the Bible, there’s a bible verse that calls my attention. 1 Corinthians 9:24. This makes me believe that yes it’s going to hard. At times quitting will go through our head. But we should always want to win 1st place! Long story short, if we give it our ALL every single day, we will achieve what we’re dreaming about. Don’t be scared to risk it all! Go after your dreams and prove everyone wrong. God bless.


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