by Aine Pullan

My Second Sermon (1864) by John Everett Millais

I will start this by saying I love to masturbate! I say it loud proud and for everyone who has done it, is doing it and will do it. The reason I have come out of the gate more excited than those people who roll down a hill after some cheese, is because I am no longer ashamed either by the act or the conversation surrounding it, but it was not always that way. …

By Vivian Quynh Pham

Looking in a Mirror (1724) by Julie Le Brun

“Liz thought you were the one.” Maureen had just told me that her daughter, Liz, had died. Liz was upstairs in her bedroom, my feet were stuck in the kitchen. I fought back sobs as Maureen said that Liz had bragged about me while delirious in palliative care, that she was so proud of who I was.

I gave Maureen a pink box that I’d made for Liz. It was the reason I had visited the house that day. I had no idea Liz was gone. Inside the pink box were my hand-made paper gardenias, flowers that thrived in coffee…

Sophie asked: “Dear Aunt Agony, I was a victim of sexual assault. Is it possible for me to have a discussion with my aggressor that is beneficial for both of us?”

The Rape of Amphitrite by Padovanino (Alessandro Varotari)

After an otherwise successful Risqué* in Paris, a member of LVRSNFRNDS firmly groped my right buttock twice while saying their farewells. The incident itself was not the only issue for me, as it also caused feelings from a prior assault to resurface. If it wasn’t for my obligation as the host to confront them, I think I may have shut down.

My role also meant that I felt I had to have a constructive dialogue with the member and aggressor in an effort to make them understand what they had done wrong and how they might change their behaviour in…

Sexy addresses — of all sorts…

The Nieuwe Zijds Voorburgwal with the Oude Haarlemmersluis, Amsterdam (1670) by VDHeyde

Watch out! Day’n’night you may bump into LVRSNFRNDS at one of these addresses in Amsterdam… Check them out and enjoy each and every moment naked or not!

☕️ OK but first coffee

Festina Lente — The cosiest café in town.
Looiersgracht 40

Coffee Company — Forget about Starbucks.
Berenstraat 6

Bocca Coffee — Forget about Coffee Company.
Kerkstraat 96HS

Pâtisserie Pompadour — Pastries!
Huidenstraat 12

Van Stapele — Cookies you never forget.
Koekmakerij Heisteeg 4

🌭 Quick yums

Goodies — From breakfast to teatime.
Huidenstraat 9

The Lebanese Sajeria — Delicious Lebanese street food!
Wijde Heisteeg 1

Small World Catering — Sandwiches and salads. 🏳️‍🌈 Queer-friendly.

A collective review.

The Love Letter (early 1770s) by Jean Honoré Fragonard

Feeld is without hesitation our go-to app when it comes to dating couples and singles in the coolest cities around the world. Launched as 3nder in 2014, the app had quickly to change its name following a lawsuit by… Tinder! Still described by many as “the Tinder for threesomes”, the story of Feeld is yet million miles away from this of a hook-up app launched in sweaty American college campuses.

Dimo Trifonov had the idea of Feeld after his “amazing soulmate, girlfriend, partner, Ana” wrote him a love letter about feelings she had for a French girl (now you know…

”My night at a sex party where women are in control.”

The Garter (1724) by Jean François de Troy

It was my companion’s first time too. A hot summers night, we dressed to the code, cabaret-style, glamorous, including Venetian masks. And then we took a cab to the centre of town. We arrived what I thought would be a little late (it wasn’t), both of us slightly nervous and dizzy in anticipation about what was about to happen.

A few friends and acquaintances have been through the years, and I heard mixed reviews. One went and just ended up just gawping in amazement, yet another was unimpressed, she felt slightly alienated by the experience. Two others could not get…


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