More than half a million people want Sense 8 back. Will it happen?
Joshunda Sanders

Sense8 — I can’t rave enough about this mind blowing, emotional roller coaster, edge of your seat nail biting series. I absolutely fell in love with the characters, the cast captured the essence of each one they portrayed so amazingly well. This raw series explored so many “hit home” issues from around the globe religion, gender inequality, poverty, alcohol/ drug issues, conspiracy, corruption, to the wonderful journey of self acceptance and the struggles faced by the GLBT community. Sense8 was like nothing I’ve ever experienced before- yes I say experienced because watching an episode I felt connected, as a lot of fans did, this wasn't just some show for entertainment it was so much more. The entire series I was in complete awe of it all — the cast- the story line- the locations EVERYTHING about Sense8 was just amazing. The writers did a phenomenal job, the producers couldn’t have made a better decision then to create this series. I am crushed that they’ve decided not to give us fans a season 3 or at least an episode or 2 of conclusion- resolve the cliff hangers- answer the big questions. I do hope that other networks may see Sense8 and pick it up, as 500,000 people have already signed a petition to save it. I understand season 1&2 were quite expensive ($9 mill. an episode wow!) but as we left it at the end of Season 2 all of the characters have arrived in London — I would think that this would reduce the expense considerably. Netflix has been very clear they will not do a season 3- This is terrible news and my heart breaks. To all cast members thank you for what you’ve given to so many people thru your dedication to the characters, you are all so talented and I will be looking to watch you in other shows.

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