Crypto Caravan AMA with FES丨CloseLand SuperNodes Surfs on the Financial Wave

1.Everyone is relatively unfamiliar with the FES ecology, Closeland, and SuperNodes. Could you give us a brief introduction first?

Hello everyone! I’m Marcus, Director of FES Asia Pacific. I am very happy to be invited to the Crypto Caravan community today.

Let me briefly introduce FES to everyone. FES is a leading global technology service company. We have built a truly decentralized closed-loop ecosystem, which promises value and utility to users. With its years of experience in blockchain technology, FES has completed a closed-loop blockchain ecosystem, covering five arms, namely: Gamefi — five-element bingo application, etc.; NFT market place- CloseLand; Finance Ecosystem; Exchange — centralized DCEX and decentralized DTCSwap transactions, as well as Metaverse.

FES will be launching the “CloseLand” NFT marketplace and related applications very soon. The “CloseLand” NFT marketplace is a very important aspect of the FES ecosystem. At that time, FEC, as one of the native tokens, can be used in the NFT market.

FES initiated the recruitment of SuperNodes in the CloseLand community. As SuperNodes are the initial participants of CloseLand, they are also big beneficiaries of the platform. They will enjoy many benefits and perks from CloseLand.

As a new era approaches, FES will build an autonomous ecosystem on the basis of decentralization, privacy, and fairness. It strives to build a truly decentralized closed-loop ecosystem, and establish a connection between virtual and reality, allowing each user to create value and promote social progress.

2.It sounds like the FES ecosystem is relatively large and has already achieved some good results. Can you tell us about some of the existing applications of FEC and the specific development of the ecosystem?

Indeed, as the host said, FES has indeed performed very well in the market so far. According to the FES development roadmap, the Five Elements Bingo app was officially launched on January 8th this year. Here, let me tell you about its recent performance. 563 thousand bids were made, with the total value for the bids coming to 14.52 billion FEC tokens. The price of the FEC has surged more than 340% so far, with the return on investment coming to 240%. The modus operanti of the Five Elements Bingo App is to make every player a winner. This is also in line with GameFi’s core philosophy: Play to earn. There are numerous investment schemes out there that do not follow this concept, resulting in heavy losses for users. As all participating users help contribute to the liquidity of FEC, FES rewards them to help achieve the vision to make every player a winner. We allow every user to share the benefits of FES ecosystem. Currently, CloseLand is in the closed beta stage, and it will be launched in the near future, so stay tuned!

Last week, FES was invited to announce its plans for 2022 at the Crypto Expo Dubai 2022 and the AIBC UAE 2022 Summit, which represent the forefront of blockchain technologies. With a keen focus on the emerging technologies in the world, the summits attracted an eclectic mix of renowned policymakers, developers, C-Suite executives, and legal experts from the world of technology.

In our dynamic presentation on Day 1, we touched upon NFTs and how CloseLand will serve as a bridge to inspire individuals and institutions alike in the world of blockchain-based digital assets. As a futurist and visionary, FES foresee a tomorrow with cheap gas fees and molded CloseLand with that in mind. Compared to other platforms such as OpenSea, CloseLand is a safe haven for investors and artists alike to use the power of creativity to build an immersive metaverse for all!

Leveraging on its status as a world-class expo for the blockchain industry, the Crypto Expo Dubai attracts attention from high-profile individuals and institutions each time it is held. With over 90 speakers giving presentations on Bitcoin, Ethereum, and content pertaining to cryptocurrencies and blockchain, this year’s event is a huge success.

Specifically, FES announced the launch of the Global Partnership Program, seeking top projects around the world to create a unified team and jointly herald an era of win-win collaborative digital industry developments. Currently, strategic collaboration agreements are in the process of being signed with a cornucopia of leading cryptocurrency-focused hedge funds and venture capitals in the United Kingdom, Singapore, Canada, Dubai, Israel, the United States, and more. Some examples include Digital Trade Development Foundation Ltd, DTU Global Pte Ltd, NV Entertainment, and Union Matrix Capital. There will be a huge push in April 2022 at the Bitcoin Miami 2022! Please stay tuned!

(Here, let’s have a look at a short video first)

*video playback (Dubai video ep 1)*

Here I would like to share with you the latest good news. A few days ago, a prominent Singapore-based Venture Capital with a focus on emerging technologies pumped $20 million into the FES ecosystem, completing the Series A funding round. The fund, which was established in 2018, specializes in seeking out under-valued but high-quality investment opportunities. Since its inception, the Venture Capital has completed over 30 venture deals, with an AUM of around $1 billion.

The current injection of capital from the Venture Capital is a strategic step towards the joint construction of the FES Ecosystem. Specifically, the collaboration between the two parties created an opportunity to brainstorm the core principles for blockchain developments. While the blockchain industry has proved resilient in the current market turmoil, the greater financial market remains bleak. With surging inflation and interest rates, along with volatility across commodities and bond markets, there could be a run on assets and balance-of-payments problems. This fragile state of affairs could heighten external solvency and international liquidity constraints. As such, the Venture Capital and FES will focus on the sustainable development of the Ecosystem. In the near future, both parties wish to use the Ecosystem as a platform to foster comprehensive and friendly collaborations in the fields of NFT development, investment management, resource-sharing, and more. Ideally, the FES Ecosystem will serve as a one-stop solution for services from investments, to guidance and even project incubations.

So why do professional investment institutions invest heavily in the FES ecosystem? VCs are highly bullish on the development of the FES ecosystem. Deemed as the “dark horse” of the crypto-verse, FES has produced solid results since its launch.

3.Why do you want to expand the CloseLand NFT market place?

I believe that everyone here should be familiar with the concept of NFTs. With the popularity of the term “metaverse”, NFTs have also become a focal point in conversations in 2022. The surging numbers of NFT transactions continue to inspire investors and collectors alike. The NFT project CryptoPunk#4156 sold for a maximum of $10.35 million, and the digital artwork “All Time High in the City” sold for $6.19 million. Furthermore, the virtual plot of Fashion Street Estate under Decentraland sold for $2.42 million. A4ccording to statistics from Nonfungible, a third-party data agency, the scale of NFT transactions in 2021 reached US$14 billion, which is 1.3 times the total global art auction volume of US$10.57 billion in 2019.

According to Google Trends, the global search volume of NFTs witnessed explosive growth in 2021, and the visibility of the NFT ecosystem ballooned; in terms of market supply and demand, the number of NFT buyers in 2020 will increase by 66.94% year-on-year, and sellers will increase by 24.7% year-on-year, according to NonFungible data. The growth rate of demand far exceeds the growth rate of supply. This supply and demand pattern is expected to attract more players to enter the market and continue to bolster the rise of the NFT market. In terms of capital flow, according to NonFungible, the total transaction volume of NFTs in 2021 showed a clear upward trend, with strong capital inflows pushing the absolute value of NFTs ever higher. We are confident that CloseLand will become a unicorn of the NFT sphere.

4.Compared with other NFT markets, what innovations will the CloseLand NFT marketplace have? What are the differences?

The advantages of CloseLand include low transaction fees, fast NFT transaction/transfer, chain interoperability, revenue-sharing mechanisms for SuperNodes, etc. At present, FES is in collaboration with multiple leading blockchain project teams in the global arena, and CloseLand will no doubt be a top player for NFTs.

5.What empowerment will Closeland NFT marketplace bring to the FES ecosystem and FEC tokens?

The CloseLand NFT market is a very important aspect of the FES ecosystem. It is a core channel in connecting with high-quality projects worldwide. By that time, FEC, as one of the native tokens, can be used in the CloseLand NFT marketplace. Specifically, users can purchase NFTs using FEC tokens through Account A on the Five Elements Bingo application, and the frozen tokens from Account B at a higher price which also helps facilitate re-circulation. As a token in this ecosystem, FEC has broader and more diversified application scenarios, stronger liquidity, which aids its inevitable price increments. We welcome interested high-quality project teams to also contact and cooperate with us and jointly build the future of NFTs!

6.Please introduce what is a SuperNode?

(Before introducing the super node, let’s play a video introduction)

*video playback (Dubai video ep 6; first overseas supernode)*

Once the supernode event is launched, supernode allocations became highly sought after by the market. Anyone who understands the meaning and function of being a supernode in our ecosystem will know that this is an excellent investment opportunity! Supernode holders can be said to be the major shareholders of CloseLand. To become a SuperNode is to benefit from the monetization of CloseLand. Supernode holders can attain super rewards and are the biggest beneficiaries of CloseLand’s NFT transactions. Each transaction will give a corresponding reward to the SuperNode holders. In addition to ordinary supernodes, we also launched platinum supernodes, with magnified reward tiers.

7.What is the connection between supernodes and Closeland NFT marketplace? What are the privileges?

A major benefit of supernodes is the sharing of platform proceeds. I can give you an example to help visualize. I believe everyone is familiar with the platform OpeaSea. According to the latest data from Dappradar, the transaction volume of OpenSea exceeded 20 billion US dollars and reached a new record high. If the transaction volume of CloseLand reaches 300 million US dollars, according to the platform transaction sharing model, supernodes can share the reward of 30 million US dollars. As such, the higher the platform’s transaction volume, the more impressive the supernode holder’s reward!

Another aspect is the whitelist. The whitelist is a benefit for early participants of the project, which usually entails a significant rate of return on investment. This is the reason why everyone is rushing to grab the whitelist. Supernodes can enjoy the privilege of attaining the whitelist, and when minting and reselling NFT works, their rates of return exceed ordinary users.

8.In other aspects of the FES ecosystem, what privileges and benefits do supernodes have?

When you are a SuperNode, you have an advantage when participating in Adverse Game. Here I can give you a preview. The Adverse game will start on April 1st. Today is March 30th, and the countdown has officially begun. Ordinary supernodes can enjoy 12 rounds of discounts and 1 equity transfer, while platinum supernodes can enjoy 24 rounds and 2 equity transfers.

(Here let us play a short video for you guys)

*video playback (Infinity)*

9.It is said that the supernode is currently open for application. What is the overall progress and results?

The reaction of the entire market was really unexpected. The first 100 super nodes were all subscribed in just three days. At present, the recruitment of supernodes has entered the third stage as of this week. Today’s audience, if you are interested in applying for the CloseLand’s super node, don’t hesitate to sign up as soon as possible.

10.After listening to the full sharing, could you give us a brief summary of what we have learned today?

Every aspect of the FES ecosystem is crucial, be it the GameFi Five Elements Bingo App, the CloseLand NFT marketplace, the Finance Ecosystem, the Exchange DTC and DCEX for centralized and decentralized respectively, and the Metaverse.

The achievements FES has achieved so far are remarkable, but we are definitely not complacent, and stayed true to our original vision. As a native token in our ecosystem, there is no doubt that the price of FEC will rise with the development of the ecosystem.

Our NFT marketplace, CloseLand, is about to come out. Become a supernode to seize the golden opportunity. The exclusive privileges of supernodes include revenue-sharing from the platform, whitelist qualification privilege, whereby supernode holders get permanent whitelist qualification, and advantages when participating in adverse game. Slots are limited, so hurry up and register if you are interested!

FES will join hands with everyone to witness this miracle of technology and wealth!



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