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Warm weather doesn’t worry maple syrup producers in Highland County

“sugaring” (making maple syrup from tree sap) is often associated with very cold temperatures, but the warm weather of the past few days doesn’t have local syrup makers worried. According to Highland County sugarer Ivan puffenbarger, moderate highs and chilly lows often result in the best yields. So don’t despair of that heap of flapjacks smothered in butter and pure maple syrup just yet…this just might be Paul Bunyan’s favorite weather!

Surveillance video shows Lynchburg armed robber grab woman, demand money

Shortly after 11:00 PM on Tuesday, January 24th, Sunshine Market #2 on Campbell Ave. in Lynchburg was robbed at gunpoint. The thief was male, wearing dark clothes and a mask, and brandishing a long-barreled firearm that appeared to be a shotgun. Police are asking anyone with information about the robbery to contact them at (434)455–6116 or Crime Stoppers at 1–888–798–5900.

Political prankster Vermin Supreme makes unofficial appearance at LU

Vermin Supreme is a perennial political satirist who has campaigned in every Presidential election cycle since 1992 wearing a boot on his head, promising free ponies for all, proposing mandatory tooth-brushing legislation. Liberty University students requested an official appearance for Mr. Supreme, but the request was allegedly denied by the University’s administration because there was “no value” for to the University in his performances. Nevertheless, students funded an unofficial visit from their own pockets on Monday night in DeMoss Hall where Mr. Supreme spent a couple hours visiting with students.

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