Open Letter To My Daughter

I couldn’t help listening to some people talk about you. Sitting in that chair I was drawn in with every passing word. It might have been the middle of the night, but I suddenly had new life. Later when I was driving home watching the sun rise with the windows down, life was just better. It took another week before someone was able to show me a picture. All blurry and not the best angle, I fell in love. I even carried a copy on my phone so I could sneak a look during my days.

For a long while words were the only thing that kept us together. Almost entirely mine, the lifetime I was planning. the adventures you would bring to me. Picnics in the park, walks with the dog, sitting on the couch just curled up napping under a blanket. Every simple thing was special, any moment I had turned into a forever because of you.

Yet you were still a series of pictures. They became a little clearer, the details weren’t important because I knew that for the rest of my life you would be the center of it. I wasn’t looking just forward to tomorrow, I was looking forward to hundreds of them.

Then one sunny day it ended. We were going to meet when the phone rang and I was told we wouldn’t have tomorrow. My chest fell, my screams echoed in the car as I tried to understand what I had just heard. That lifetime that was dreamed about had just become a nightmare that I still haven’t woken up from.

I don’t see the sun rise the same way anymore. The colors aren’t quite as bright and there are times when I prefer staying in the shadows.

You will always be my daughter. I will always be proud to be your father. Hopefully you are safe and loved until we can be together again. But until that time, I carry you in my heart anywhere I go.

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