Developing My Own Engine

I’ve kind of gotten tired of the culture over at some gaming boards that generally come with game engine communities. Thus I’m going to focus my efforts on building my own game engine in house, and then distribute it to others employees within my game design company. This engine will primarily be a first person adventure game system based on the concept of the visual novel — you follow the life of an ordinary person, and various choices you make effect the final ending of the game.

These will be played largely in the command prompt, where you open CMD, and then switch to the directory of the game. These games will stored on their own USB disk. Depending on the size of the game, it will be stored on multiple USB disks. Think of this not as splitting a game into multiple parts, but rather multiple games that share a larger plot line with that particular narrative arc.

I will also be releasing tutorials on how to code basic things that you will need when making your first jump into text-based adventures in the Ruby language.

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