Please Include Ruby Comments

Sense I was frustrated by the lack of readable tutorials, I’m thinking once my game is developed in pure code, I’m going to release the source code in it’s comment heavy state.

This is extremely important if you’re going to teach people how to code. You’d be surprised how common this is in the coding world, people just assume you know how functions work without going a run down in comments in how certain functions work.

This isn’t as bad in Python, but this is an extremely important feature this is missed in tutorials. There are people like me that learn by doing, and thus have a hard time with tutorials that simply explain functions. In a user-unfriendly environment like Ruby, this is absolutely crucial.

Do note, the variable you declare in a class are constant. This means you can’t subtract from a variable declared in a class. So if I end up using classes, I’ll be sure to comment in this crucial nuance.

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