React.js for complete retards — Pt.1

After a lot of meaningless and useless speculation and thought, I landed on React. Why? Not sure. It does seem fun enough. But what is React?

React is a declarative, efficient, and flexible JavaScript library for building user interfaces.


I managed to set up node.js after some frustrating moments where the server refused to start. Great success!

After cheering myself on for a few hours I went on to create a React app — no problems there! Yes, that’s it! Keep going, you productive beast!

Somehow, I even found the time to — and managed — to configure the syntax highlighting for my editor. Huge success, and completely unnecessary — most likely. Or, perhaps, it will turn out to bring tremendous returns in the long run.

The configured syntax highlighting will most definitely bring home the bacon. Ablert Einshein

So, what are the ends that justify these means? Not really clear just yet. For now, let’s try and learn a new language.

Also, note to self: Use Babel, Discord, Community, StackOverflow, to figure stuff out.

Some useful tutorials or collections:

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