Welcome To My World of Education
Georgea Tadros

Hey Georgia, I’m delighted to hear about you enjoying your course. Here’s some encouragement and advice: start teaching something now! You have something to teach! Teach Arabic! Or something else you know more than someone else about. Even if it’s only to primary schoolers. Or tutor/mentor someone.

I’m a student musician in second year at unsw and I started teaching straight out of year 12. I have rarely been as rewarded as I have been when I teach kids and they get what I’m teaching them and they enjoy learning what I’m teaching. The same can be said for when I retrospectively look at the students progress.

Besides that, it’ll look good on your resume and you can get some decent pay for the hours you work.

Now don’t think to yourself that you don’t have anything to reach our that you can’t. If it’s daunting, it’ll fade as you get used to it. You already have the motivation and enthusiasm, and with that, you’ll find that anything is possible.


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