Average is being negative often and positive rarely.
Mediocrity is a Virus. Here’s How to Banish it from Your Life.
Benjamin P. Hardy

Most of us work with ‘average’ people, and we may be one of them.

This is not the culture you want.

You can have the most cushy work environment or even free snacks, but those only provide temporary reprieve from underlying negative tension brought about by average people.

Average players lead to mediocre teams. In my experience, that mediocrity manifests itself through what is perceived as meaningless work, a breakdown in communication, or unresolvable differences of vision.

In the end customers suffer, and so too does our reputation.

If you find yourself in an average environment leading a mediocre existence there are two things I suggest you try.

  1. Move on
  2. Speak up

If you don’t see an end in sight, get out now. If you see a glimmer of hope, spark a conversation about how you can be part of a culture shift.

Whatever you do, don’t go along with mediocrity.

Thanks for reading my response to the talented Benjamin P. Hardy
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