More than a cash register.

“When you think about innovation in e-commerce, where would you focus if money or time were not an issue?” Just under half (44%) chose new payment options, such as one-click choices that streamline the shopping experience according to a research study by Oracle and Bronto Software.

It is easy to see why given the explosion of new payment options from new and established providers. According to BloombergBusinessweek, the share of merchants accepting mobile wallets (among those who accept at least one) is dominated by Paypal at 64%, and surprisingly 4 of the 9 are predominately technology companies including Apple, Google, Samsung and Alipay.

In addition, Small Business Trends reports over 20 other digital transaction options.

While buying online offers certain conveniences, it also involves nearly double the number of steps.

What few people understand are the Business Architecture tools and techniques available to manage strategy and value creation. And the ability to link these to OMG/ARTS POSlog, XML Schema, Operational Data Models and more to accelerate implementation using best practices.

According to Richard Halter the value of POSlog is exception for current and future payment options:

“Use Digital Receipt if you wish to only communicate a paper receipt electronically. POSLog is a superset and has all kinds of cash control messages as well as events that are beyond the scope of a receipt. Additionally, POSLog is used to support universal commerce by enabling one to start with building a shopping cart (on the web or in the store), going to a checkout, adding in a purchase from another channel and merging this series of transactions into one final receipt.”

While change at the cash register is changing, the complexity is manageable with many existing industry standards.

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Larry Smith