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creating value from the new and non-obvious.

lawson baker
Aug 10, 2018 · 3 min read

I am excited to announce I recently joined Mason and James at TokenSoft as the Head of Project Zero to build the future of security tokens.

I spent the past few years talking, tweeting, writing, and sometimes cursing (sorry mom) about how to apply the SEC’s securities laws to token sales and tokens post network launch. However, the legal aspect of a security token no longer interests me. My interest lies in the technology behind cryptocurrencies and how it enables the creation of new incentive-driven organizations not previously contemplated.

These new incentive-driven organizations will create security tokens that utilize the technology in new and non-obvious ways rather than recreating the obvious.

Security tokens of the future will be a mechanism to allocate capital on-chain to demonstrable cash-flow on-chain or secured by the related protocol (Token Daily Q&A).

These ideas are why I joined TokenSoft.

TokenSoft : your market. your bank.

TokenSoft spent the last year building the leading software platform for compliant ICO token sales. Meanwhile, they quietly developed a non-custodial multi-signature wallet for bitcoin and ethereum that is off-line first and always.

From running the token sale for Hedera Hashgraph and buyer verifications for Tezos Foundation to running an airdrop for Handshake (aka the soon to be Web-Decentralizer-in-Chief), TokenSoft is developing tools to help token issuers create their own market and be their own bank. These are the central tenets of the cryptocurrency movement.

That is pretty powerful.

Relayzero <> TokenSoft

What about Relayzero and what is Project Zero?

Hmmm…where to start? Image Source: Wikipedia

I launched Relayzero “to focus on finding and fixing a 10-year problem in cryptocurrencies” after seeing how bitcoin solved what is likely a 50-year or 1000-year problem of money and internet or money and governments depending on your angle of approach.

As I began working with teams and meeting potential technical co-founders, I realized I had two problems that related to each other but require different approaches: building and investing.

The first problem was building a team capable of creating the tools for the future of finance. Joining TokenSoft is like injecting steroids into this problem given (a) the team is incredible, and (b) many of the underlying tools are already built. By my estimates, this puts us approximately 12–18 months ahead of similar token sale platforms which tend to be singular and impractical in their approach.

The second problem was investing in the future of finance. As I realized TokenSoft was the best location to help me build the future of finance, I developed the idea of a “working fund” for Relayzero. A working fund is designed from the ground up to scrap the old concept of venture capital and passive equity investing by opting into a symbiotic relationship of work found in protocols. This relationship is driven to achieve three goals: security, appreciation, and cash-flow production. I’ll be writing more about this later but the TL;DR is Relayzero will lead the way forward with working funds.

Project Zero at TokenSoft

Project Zero is focusing on creating value from the new and non-obvious methods found in security tokens of the future. What does that mean? I can’t tell you yet, but you can consider me Head of Special Projects at TokenSoft for now.

“We mock what we don’t understand.”

PS — If you are looking for the best 80’s spy movie, then look no further than Spies Like Us. Dan Aykroyd, Chevy Chase, Russia, and the Cold War is all you need to know. Okay, Doctor?

lawson baker

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@tokensoftinc | @manosunidas | previously @synapsefi + investment bank | i am not your attorney + post are not legal advice

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