Be Bold! Educate, Advocate, and then Act

This headline, which I am borrowing from Maxine Anderson of the League of Women Voters of San Francisco, exemplifies what we all need to be doing right here and now! Election Day is just 28 days away and the time for us to Act and be Bold, Educate and Advocate is NOW.

Locally, you can participate in LWVO’s Neighbor to Neighbor Oakland Votes Informed” (N-to-N OVI) Campaign. Our N-to-N OVI kit is on our website, and we mailed you your own kit at the end of September. Our N-to-N OVI campaign helps you to help yourself and your neighbors to conquer the mountain of election material that we are all receiving. It reminds you about early voting opportunities, and provides a plan and a format to review and consider ballot propositions, initiatives, referendum, and measures. It is cool and helpful, and we want you to use it.

So pick a date, call your neighbors in and talk about the issues on the ballot. You can choose to Vote With The League (we’ve made it easy for you by providing you with the positions we support), or you can head up your own pros and cons session, using information found on League websites to provide unbiased information to share on all the issues. Visit Oakland League’s website and the League of Women of Voters of California’s Education Fund. Both have great election resource materials and a wealth of information.

To say that voting in this election is important is to say the obvious! However, there appear to be a lot of people who are seriously considering opting out because they have concerns about the candidates or they feel overwhelmed by the non-candidate part of the ballot. Leaguers, this is your time to be a democracy hero/heroine! Democracy doesn’t work well when people don’t participate.

Reach out to friends and family here and in other parts of the country to encourage them to vote, not only for the President but also for all of their local and state issues. For Democracy to work well requires involvement! It requires thinking, evaluating and then actually following through by marking one’s ballot and turning it in by the end of Election Day on Nov. 8th.

Remember, October 24th is the last day to register to vote for the Presidential election. Therefore, if you have not registered or know some one who has not, or you have moved recently, make sure you are ready and able to VOTE.

Please let us know if you are participating in our “Neighbor to Neighbor Oakland Votes Informed” campaign. We want to help you prepare and we want to know how many people you were able to engage with in this process. So talk to us, let us know about your event. Remember: BE BOLD! EDUCATE, ADVOCATE AND THEN ACT!

Warm Regards,

Louise RR

President, League of Women Voters of Oakland

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