Happy Holidays from the League!

Can you believe that it is December? Already? How can this be? It was just Halloween a couple of weeks ago.

Yes, it is December and one of my favorite times of year because it is a family time of year. Time to really relish and enjoy one’s children, grandchildren, parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, siblings and dear dear friends. It is a time to celebrate the year, a time to give, a time to reflect, a time to look ahead, and most of it is a time to love and share good feelings and to smile. Smile, because smiling helps to spread joy, kindness and good feelings.

Our League family will be celebrating the Holiday Season on December 8th at my house, and you are invited. It is a pot-luck beginning at 6 pm on Friday evening and going until we stop. We have much to celebrate and on top of the list are the people who make up the League. They are inspiring people, they are caring people, they are civic minded people, they are you! You will receive a special holiday invitation by email. Please come!

There is so much happening that I want to tell you about. First and foremost is an update on our Capacity Building grant from the Probation Department. We have selected Kathy Armstrong and Jan Cardenas as our Strategic Planning consultants, who will help us set a course for the future of the League. Kudos to Zabrae Valentine who has been our stellar League “Lead” for Strategic Planning. We are off to a great start. We are looking into the future and imagining how we can be the League that represents all of Oakland while continuing to be a leading advocate empowering the vote and civic engagement.

Our Education Committee has been hard at work and are is gratified that OUSD has seriously taken our suggestions for a more supportive approach for all students, especially Latino and Hispanic students who are the majority of the students in our public school system. Unfortunately, the District is once again having severe financial challenges and LWVO is right there advocating that the process be transparent and the course of action clear and sustainable going forward.

And, as many of you know, our Observer Corp is happening and is really active. We are there being a presence that makes sure that Oakland works for Oaklanders. Among the committees and boards we have observed are the Public Ethics Commission, BART Board of Directors, and the Life Enrichment Center, BART, Public Works, and the Finance and Management Committees of the City Council.

Our Action Committee is gearing up for a ballot run on “Make It Fair” the Prop 13 corporate reform which is likely to be on the State Nov. ’18 ballot. We’ve also started work on the up-coming Mid-Term elections which will include our “Neighbor to Neighbor Campaign” for Oakland to vote and to vote informed. We will need you to participate with your neighbors, so start your planning, at least keeping it on the back burner of your mind. We will be calling on you for many elections related issues. Be Ready!

We would like to thank Erin Burns for being our first Social Media lead and wish her the best for with her new responsibilities at her other work. We also welcome, Monica Ruck, our incoming Social Media lead.

And last but not least, Happy Holidays to you and yours and may you have peace and joy throughout the season! May the love of your family and friends help to sustain you though what can be a time of short deadlines and seemingly too much to do. The holidays can really show how strong and how vital we are and how we can bring happiness to many, especially those we love at home and in our community.