Making Democracy Work

Whew, I am holding my breath, and at times pushing my jaw up at the happenings in our evolving political landscape. Tomorrow, we will know, or we should know, who will be President of these United States of America. This election cycle has been scary, challenging, invigorating, worrisome and more.

This year, we’ve heard challenges to our democracy and our democratic process. Will we stand up for our democracy? Will I? Will you? Will your family, friends, and neighbors? Will we stand up and support our democratic process to ensure that our democracy works? Will we vote?

Will we create more educated voters? Will we have a more active and participatory citizenry who will sustain their interest and carry on their involvement with civic engagement? Alternatively, will this election be a big turn off?

Democracy is not a spectator sport to be viewed on the sidelines — it requires active participation! When people do not vote because they think an issue or a candidate has already been decided, or the issue or issues to be voted on aren’t of enough interest or worth their effort to vote, they give up being part of the democratic solution and become part of a democratic process problem!

Although as League members we know all this, nonetheless I urge you again, to ask family, friends and colleagues here and across this great land of ours to Vote! Get on the phone, send a text, an email, or an online message to them; make sure you have done all you can to make our democracy work!

Speaking of Making Democracy Work, every day there are people here in Oakland who are making a difference for democracy and for their friends and neighbors in the community and often beyond. They recognized a problem and figured out a solution that would make a real difference to real people, and you know them.

Each year at our Annual All-City Luncheon, the League of Women Voters of Oakland honors individuals and organizations that have made a difference for democracy here in Oakland. So, who has impressed you? Who has done something cool that others should know about? What organization has stepped up and impressed you with their program and activities? We need your help to know who these individuals and organizations are and what they have done. Will you help? In order to recognize these outstanding individuals and organizations we need you to send in your nominations. How can you do that? Well just, step right up and tell us.

Give us their name or the name of the organization, a brief statement of why you think they should be recognized, and then your contact information so we can talk to you about your choice. How can you do that? Send us an email at Call the League Office at 510–834–7640, or fill out your nomination form here. We need to hear from you by 5PM PST on December 16th.

These people felt empowered to act; now it is your turn! Nominate them!

Be Bold, Be Active, Be Aware, Be Involved. Yes, You Can!

Louise RR

President, League of Women Voters of Oakland