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We can build Watch Faces for PineTime Smart Watch in C… Right?

Sure we can create Watch Faces in C. But as our Watch Face code in C grows in complexity… It becomes harder to test, deploy, maintain and extend.

Today we’ll look at a more sustainable way to build Watch Faces… With a Watch Face Framework in Rust!

Rust Watch Faces may also be catalogued at… So that PineTime Owners may easily discover, extend and remix the Watch Faces.

Let’s learn how…

Create Your Own PineTime Watch Face in Rust… And Publish on

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If you have a PineTime Smart Watch and an Android phone, try this…

  1. Tap on MenuConfigure GATT ServerAdd Service
  2. Set Server Configuration to Current Time Service. Tap OK
  3. In the app, browse for Bluetooth devices and connect to PineTime

The current date and time appears on PineTime!

What is this magic that syncs the date the time from your phone to PineTime?

The syncing magic is called Bluetooth LE Current Time Service

  1. PineTime detects the incoming connection. …


Lup Yuen Lee 李立源

Techie and Educator in IoT 物聯網教師

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