Ardor 2.0.4e released

A significant update with important new features

Today we released Ardor 2.0.4e this is an experimental release available for anyone to test. This release introduces several important features, documented in the changelog, that we will review in depth over the next several days and weeks, at the moment however I would like each of you to check your Ardor and Ignis balances as well as several other entities in order to make sure balances were transferred correctly from the NXT Mainnet.

If you are only interested in checking your balances head to the Jelurida public node , login using your existing NXT Mainnet account id (no need to login using passphrase) and check your ARDR, IGNIS and BitSwift balances.

ARDOR chain balances are based on the ARDR asset (id 12422608354438203866) balances on the NXT Mainnet.

IGNIS chain testnet balances are based on NXT Mainnet balances divided by 2, plus JLRDA currency balances.

Each of those (Ignis and Ardor) has been additionally divided by 2, in order to allocate 50% of the testnet coins to developer accounts for testing purposes. Of course when we launch Ardor Mainnet you will receive the full amount not half of it.

BITSWIFT chain balances are based on Bitswift asset (id 12034575542068240440) balances, plus a 10% airdrop distributed proportionately to all IGNIS holders.

In addition, check your Janus asset balances, aliases, account properties, currencies, account control and all other entities migrated from the NXT Mainnet according to the changelog.

For those who want to setup an Ardor full node, install the software as usual and start forging, the first block will be generated tonight at 00:00 (midnight) UTC time on Monday, Nov 6th (about 14 hours from now)

If you are installing on top of a previous Ardor release delete first the nxt_test_db folder from C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Ardor on Windows, ~/.ardor on Mac and the Ardor installation folder on Linux. If you don’t do that you’ll be left on a fork.

This is a grand rehearsal for the actual Ardor Mainnet launch which will follow the same approach of release followed by a setup period followed by Genesis block generation time at 00:00 (midnight) UTC time on Monday, Jan 1st, 2018

Please report any issues or questions on the nxtforum thread or on the nxtchat developers channel.