Ardor Launch — Update #1

Brief overview of the project status

Lior Yaffe
Jan 5, 2018 · 2 min read

The IGNIS airdrop was performed on time on block 1636363, any account holding NXT at the time received 0.5 IGNIS per NXT. Version 2.0.9 was released with a new Genesis block.

Then on 00:00:00 UTC Jan 1st the first block of Ardor was forged. It started slow but then picked up speed, as of now 6782 blocks were forged. Bundlers bundle child chain transactions into ChildChainBlock transactions on the parent chain and forgers generate blocks. The system is working remarkably well. The wallet is operational, block explorers are online and people are starting to experiment and prototype with this amazing system never seen before.

Ardor has been in design for over 2 and half years and in development for at least 18 month, this is a long term strategic project for Jelurida which will surely disrupt the existing blockchain industry. We are taking our robust and stable NXT POS technology to the next level by solving the Blockchain Bloat problem and later in our roadmap also various other scalability limitations. This is not a Whitepaper this is a working product!

As expected with this type of complex blockchain projects, some bugs were identified and fixed, as a result we quickly released version 2.0.10 which is a mandatory upgrade. We urge forgers to upgrade but there is no practical way we can force them in such truly decentralized system.

Some nodes which did not upgrade on time were left on a fork including, unfortunately, the Poloniex node thus causing issues with deposits and withdrawals. This is unfortunate but it is their responsibility to update their node.

The fork, on which small number of nodes are stuck, is simple to resolve and anyone already on the correct fork is safe to continue working. For those nodes left on a fork we provided a simple procedure to resolve it which is already operational and should take minutes to implement.

As to exchanges, they are working with us closely to integrate Ardor and Ignis into their systems. Some are already in advanced stages but are waiting for the network to work few more days without issues before deploying their wallet to production. This is understandable, after all user funds are involved and they have their own priorities.

Please consider that we have one of the most experienced development teams in the industry and we are constantly monitoring the blockchain. Any problem is quickly investigated and resolved and any relevant question is addressed in a timely matter.

We understand that this business requires nerves of steel and we have what it takes to make Ardor a winning product.

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