Ardor Launch — Update #4

The Plateau of Productivity

A quick recap of the last 10 days in Ardor land.

On January 23 we released Ardor 2.0.13 with the Account Properties Bunlder some exchanges and businesses were waiting for, a redesigned bundling page and few more fixes and goodies. We now plan to merge some of the recent improvements to the Ardor wallet back to Nxt and release another Nxt update.

On the 26th Ardorgate with help from Jelurida has launched the AEUR pegged token which was officially announced today. I think this is a very promising project, so much so that I couldn’t resist and bought €1000 worth of AEUR from my own funds using this service (you know us, we like to eat our own dog food).

After a month of joint effort to manage the huge support load together with community members, everything seems to be under control and we now contracted Adedayo, a professional, ex Poloniex, support engineer to manage the first line of support. A new CRM system is now in place, setup by our tireless marketing and business development manager Veronica, and we are looking to deploy a new bug tracking system during February and even redesign our web site.

During the week, we had many calls with project leads for new child chains and Nxt based projects and these activities continue to progress rapidly.

To those whose IGNIS tokens are still locked by exchanges, exchanges has no more excuses, the blockchain is stable since Jan 2nd and with the new release we have the full deposit/withdrawal process covered and operational. Be proactive, open support tickets and contact them on social networks to release your funds. In case exchange developers need advice we are here to help.