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Ardor Launch — Update #5

To go where no Jeluridian has gone before

Another productive week in cryptoland. Ardor and its child chains continue to operate perfectly. The dev team has started working on the pruning and snapshot feature (but this is still several months away). Meanwhile, next week we are planning to release minor updates to Ardor and Nxt with some usability improvements and bug fixes.

On the marketing front, we continue to make progress with the web site “tactical” redesign. We intend it to go live before the 4YFN at Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2018 event.

Jelurida was selected as one of the top ten finalists to 4YFN out of hundreds of startup companies. I will attend of course, together with Veronica and Francisco. We have two, four minute pitches in front of large audience to help us spread the word. More details later.

We are talking with several teams about child chain creation and Nxt based clone projects. The customer support system is now fully operational and we are making good progress with the integration of a CRM system.

Some good news from exchanges, Bittrex has opened IGNIS for trading using our zero fee transactions solution. I expect other exchanges to open trading soon. Meanwhile, our Euro zone users, can use the Ardorgate service which continues to improve and streamline the service.

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Co-Founder and Managing Director of Jelurida. Ardor and Nxt core-developer

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