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Ardor Q&A

Discussion with potential stake holder

Lior Yaffe
Oct 30, 2017 · 2 min read

Q: What is Ardor?

Ardor is the next generation of the Nxt platform, addressing several important deficiencies which required architectural changes in the software.

Q: What are you offering?

Something that no one else is, a blockchain as a service platform that solves the blockchain bloat problem and provides a unique multiple chain system where each business can have a dedicated blockchain with independent token value.

Q: What is the value of ardor?

As a token, it allows tokens holders to participate in the proof of stake consensus algorithm which provides security for the whole platform. For this service, those who own Ardor and actively forge, are rewarded with transaction fees.

Q: What is different?

Ardor is not yet another Bitcoin clone or an Ethereum asset. It is a standalone platform with a unique architecture, based on the solid and time tested Nxt code. Proof of stake, multi-chain, scalable, implemented in Java.

Q: To who are you selling ardor?

As a software company, we want to promote Ardor to businesses who need
a blockchain as a service solution, offered as a child chain. And also to those who need a full private blockchain based on the Ardor software, under a commercial license.

Q: Why should they buy it?

From a crypto investor point of view — as an alternative to BTC and ETH, to diversify their investment portfolio. We do believe our blockchain platform is better, and as a long term investment should perform well because it has solid fundamentals.

Q: What result are you looking for?

For the next 2 months, we want to focus on promoting both Nxt and Ardor
as platforms, to increase their visibility in the crypto community.

We also want to attract businesses to consider licensing our software (either Nxt or Ardor) for their private blockchains, to consider launching a child chain on Ardor, and also use Nxt and Ardor as platforms for conducting their own ICOs.

Q: What is the purpose of Ignis?

Ignis as a token is necessary in order for the Ardor platform to function. We distribute 50% of it for free to existing Nxt holders, in the upcoming Ardor Genesis Snapshot. The other 50% is distributed to buyers of the Ignis ICO.

Q: What do you want to communicate?

The snapshot is the last chance to acquire Ignis cheaply, by just holding Nxt at that time. It is a share drop where users get to keep their Nxt, and get 0.5 Ignis for each 1 Nxt they have.

Q: What are your main concerns?

We have a better or fundamentally different technology than our competitors, yet our platforms are relatively little known, and people go for the more advertised even if technically inferior solutions.

See more information about Ardor and Jelurida

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