China Update #1

Things you see from here you don’t see from there

I know you guys are probably watching the exchange rates right now. But let’s take things in perspective. The NXT Chinese community and myself had another great day today at Shanghai. In the morning we joined the NEO community meetup. Unlike other communities the NEO guys showed great hospitality and cooperation with other blockchain developers. I took a sit in a quite corner and people just approached me one after the other to talk about blockchain tech and business. Got several usefull WeChat links to follow up on.

After a short rest, we went to a meetup which was organized by the Australian chamber of commerce (I think) to introduce blockchain startups. Again there was lot’s of good vibes (in spite of the news). Nobody jumped from the roof, everybody talked about their future plan including one Chinese developer who now needs to return 50M$ worth of tokens.

As an added bonus, the team somehow arranged me 5 minutes speech in front of the crowd, in which I pitched NXT and Ardor like there is no tomorrow.

You have to realize that I’m escorted everywhere by our dedicated Chinese community members Ziggy, Lege and Tommy who spend days and nights to organize all this. In addition today we had film crew which joined us everywhere led by Ding (a.k.a limitlessbunny) which captured everything on video including my lecture and some awkward moments.

Thanks guys you are great!

Going to rest a bit and will do my best to update more tomorrow.