China Update #3

Getting popular on WeChat

See also #1 and #2

Saturday, started the day, with a long filmed interview with Ding about NXT, Ardor and life in general, this interview will be part of the documentary film prepared by the team. We then had the NXT Shanghai meetup. More than 20 people showed up. Ziggy has demonstrated the NXT wallet, Lege explained how to setup a public node, I presented a slightly modified version of the Berlin presentation and Ryan provided interactive translation. The event was filmed by Ding’s team and Tommy has orchestrated everything behind the scenes, so a real team effort. In the evening I headed to Beijing and was picked up from the airport by Duke and Fei.

Today, after eating a Peking Duck, headed to the Beijing meetup, in a great location with 30–40 attendees. Translation was provided by Duke and Wengtee. We took it slowly slowly and I hope people understood what I wanted to say. Again the event was recorded and I had a long chat a journalist after the event. We then went to eat the famous Chinese Hot Pot with chopsticks, still digesting at the moment.