Post ICO Solutions

Choosing a Blockchain platform for your project

Congratulations! you managed to raise funding for your project using an ICO by issuing a token and selling it to investors.

Alas, in your Whitepaper you made a lot of promises about the wonderful decentralized applications you’ll develop, but now it’s time to deliver and you realize the grim reality of existing Blockchain limitations. Meanwhile your token value starts to drop and investors become more and more nervous.

Many of you ICO entrepreneurs are completely locked in on Ethereum with its insecure and expensive smart contract platform. If this characterizes you, I wish you good luck. All the rest, keep reading.

If you mean business, Jelurida can offer several blockchain infrastructure solutions depending on your use case.

NXT is our bread and butter solution, already 4+ years in production it implements the most common building blocks for decentralized applications into it’s core. Encrypted Messages, Account Properties, Cloud Data, Name Registry are available out of the box with an easy to use APIs, so there is no need to develop it yourself or use 3rd party smart contracts which are wasting gas and raise security concerns. On top of these we already implemented an asset exchange, voting system, marketplace, anonymity and more.

However, if your requirements exceed what NXT provides out of the box, you can use the Nxt Blockchain Creation kit to clone it and create your own modified Blockchain with your own Genesis block based on the existing source code. Now you’ll be able to program your applications in Java, easily introduce new transaction types and APIs by implementing our simple interfaces and get up and running quite quickly. For most of your new development you’ll be able to use our existing work as reference. Naturally, we want some compensation for all these goodies. Our main requirement is that for your new Blockchain, you’ll open source your code according to our license and provide 10% of your new tokens to existing NXT holders. Hey, let’s not forget you just invented these tokens out of nowhere few month ago.

If you can wait a couple of month, we are about to launch Ardor, our next generation Blockchain solution which in addition to all the existing NXT features, and some new ones, has a unique parent/child chain architecture which makes it less bloated and more scalable. Ardor also allows you to transact and pay transaction fees in the same token, which is a huge advantage over other Blockchain based token solutions which require two types of tokens for each transaction. You will need to rely on the existing functionality we provide out of the box though, which means no customization to the core only through existing APIs. In the future we will probably release an Ardor blockchain creation kit in the same spirit of the NXT one.

To summarize, Jelurida provides an ecosystem of Blockchain solutions which designate a one stop shop for all your decentralized applications development needs.

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