The Barcelona Blockchain Solutions Event

As you know, last week Jelurida attended the Barcelona Fira convention center for the blockchain event. Luckily the event wasn’t seriously affected by the political instability in Catalonia since the convention center is located in the outskirts of Barcelona.

In the convention itself, our 2x1 meter booth turned out to be a tiny space cramped between two other booths. Still Kristina and Tomi managed to find a place for one of our banners and a laptop and placed the other banner in a strategic location.

For me, I came in as a speaker so got a pass to the “speakers room”, an open space where they served coffee and doughnuts and had a place to sit, we made this place our “headquarter” and used it for meetings and discussions. My 10 minutes speech was at 18:00 on the first day (video will be published soon), later I was free to roam the place and chat with people.

Some of our competitors had large booths in the exhibition hall including NEM who sent a team of community members who didn’t even know who the developers are, except that “they are not Japanese” and Komodo which sent few of our former community members pitching about all the wonders that James develops. I had a polite chat with each team. Both projects does not look like serious competition.

Most of the teams in the ICO were raising money for their future project or to integrate a technology from another domain like gaming or telecom with a blockchain token. Almost all of the teams were using or plan to use ETH ERC20 tokens, almost none of them actually knew which infrastructure they will use for their project, most of them had unrealistic expectations from what can be achieved using existing blockchain technology “we need to support 100K TPS”. It was a Blue Ocean for pitching and educating people about Ardor and about the NXT Blockchain Creator Kit. There were no other devs from any other competitor insight.

Ironically, one team which sells itself as developer of ERC20 token smart contracts for other teams, had its own ETH ICO token hacked, they were proud about finding out about it within 15 minutes and being able to refund investors funds.

Petko, a long time NXT core dev and now a Jelurida full time employee, joined us. It was the first time we met in person. On the second day Travin, Ruben and Joan joined as well, and we spent a lot of time together discussing plans how Jelurida and the NXT foundation can cooperate in the future. Unfortunately I had to leave at the end of the last day so missed the NXT meetup on Friday.

Overall was a useful and interesting experience.

Standing from left to right: Tomi (Berzelius), Petko, Kristina, Lior (Riker(myself)), Travin (marenkar), Ruben (rubenbc), Joan (VanBruek)