WEF: Ardor is a leading “Digital Asset”

In a long and rather boring article, the world economic forum writer lists a list of leading digital assets (page 21). Ardor was listed as 7th in the list of “Top 10 Digital Assets, as of 17 June 2017”. In fact Ardor is not a digital asset, it is a revolutionary blockchain architecture designed to solve the blockchain bloat problem.

Anyway, we decided to look what happened to all these “Digital Assets” listed by the WEF back in June (credits goes to peter2615 for preparing the list)

Interestingly enough you can see that the only “Digital Asset” which maintained its value during this period is Ardor. I do realize that this info can change and will change at a moment notice but still it’s a important anecdote.

One of the reasons for this is that all these Ethereum based tokens has a huge problem, they still need to pay transaction fees in the form of Gas. This means that whoever tries to use these tokens has to somehow finance the transactions fees in a different token.

This is like going to the supermarket to buy milk but at the cashier pay $1 (i.e. Augur or Golem token) for the milk itself and €0.01 (i.e. Gas token) in order to pass it trough the scanner. This is never going to work and no Ethereum token has solution for this. Waves, NEM, Komodo and other token platforms has the same problem in some form or shape.

Ardor has an elegant solution for this, when using an Ardor child chain the user transacts and pays the transaction fees using the same child chain token. Only the bundlers which bundle the transaction into the parent chain, needs to deal with the ARDR token, the token which is used to secure the network.