Parenting & Pediatric Counseling

Like adults, children too face certain difficulties in coping with life situations and especially children with psychological disorders or conditions. Pediatric counseling helps children develop problem-seeking abilities,deals with various learning problems, emotional and behavioral issues. But counseling is not only sought after by those with problems or disorders; one needs guidance for the purpose of maintaining a healthy and clear mind. For e.g. a vocational guidance counselor is now a part of most school faculties. Students can avail of the counselors and psychologist in delhi to discuss their future careers and prospects which they can pursue.

When does pediatric counseling become necessary?

· Children who have suffered from emotional, sexual or physical abuse

· Victims of bullying and children who bully others

· Bereavement issues, loss or death in the family

· Eating disorders like anorexia, bulimia or binge eating

· Problems in social communication and social skills

· Extreme mood swings, happy to depressed within minutes

· Problems with attention such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder(ADHD)

· Learning disabilities (LD)

· Autism, early detection of symptoms

· Developmental delay in speech, language, toilet training

· Mental or physical developmental retardation

What are the symptoms should cause concern?

These are a few symptoms that indicate a need for pediatric counseling:

· Sudden drop in academic performance or slow learning abilities

· Expression of suicidal thoughts or preoccupation with death

· Aggressive, violent and self-destructive behavior

· Alcohol or drug abuse

· Changes in eating patterns; like excessive or diminished appetites

· Changes in behavioral patterns: depression, anxiety, stress

· Habit disorders like repetitive vocalizations, tics and body rocking

One should immediately seek a psychologist in mumbai if faced with such symptom or even suspicion of such.

In what way is pediatric counseling beneficial?

Therapy promotes open communication since it offers a platform for self-expression. It nurtures effective problem solving skills and helps children develop self-confidence and self-esteem. Therapy aids the development of social skills and all-round social development. It provides children with the means to deal with stressful emotional and behavioral problems as well. Children learn self-control and develop appropriate behavior.

What is the process of treatment?

There are different kinds of therapy involved in pediatric counseling. And consultation with counselors can lead to detection and identification of various learning, social, behavioral and developmental disorders or conditions. In play therapy; children are given toys and creative outlets. The therapist observes the mental and emotional health of the childrenduring play. Children learn self-expression and are able to express problems pertaining to death and divorce. Consulting a psychologist is of utmost importance and you can contact psychologists in gurgaon through Lybrate’s vast network of doctors.Behavioral therapy is helpful in the treatment of behavioral disorders like ADHD and learning disabilities like LD. It aims at behavior modification.In cognitive-behavioral therapy; mood disorders like depression and anxiety can be identified and treated.Children with eating disorders, depression and those with aggressive or suicidal tendencies deal with these issues by talking about it and working through it with a therapist. This form of therapy is called psychodynamic psychotherapy and is effective in helping children express and deal with a wide range of problems and conditions.