Lycoming Has To Address Their Defense

2015 Lycoming Defense (File Photo)

Lycoming finished the 2015 football season with a losing record of 4–6. It was a trying season for coached, players and fans. The season could have been 6–4 because two losses were less than a touchdown. One thing I noticed is that the defense was not as bad as you might think. Here are my thoughts on that comment.

Sometimes when a defense struggles, you have to see what the offense is doing. Especially late in a game. If the defense is on the field after a string of three and out by the offense, they will get tired. Tired means that bad things will happen. So the lengths of drives and time of possession is a factor for a quality defense.

Early in the year, Lycoming’s offense was struggling and the defense suffered some. Having said that, Lycoming’s coaching staff has to reverse the trend happening over the last few years. They need faster defensive backs, they need to get some good linebackers and they need some lineman who can put pressure on the quarterback. I guess every MAC team is looking for this combination for their 2016 season, but Lycoming must up the quality of it’s defense to be competitive.


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